Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel

Temple Beth Zion-Beth Israel – BZBI – is a Beit Knesset, a House of Assembly, celebrating our Jewish culture together in community; a Beit Midrash – a House of Study, a place of learning and living the wisdom of our tradition ; and a Beit T’fillah – a House of Prayer, gathering in worship on Shabbat, Holy Days, and every day. We are dedicated to the study of Torah, living the mitzvot, and upholding the principles and values of Conservative Judaism. We serve as a “home away from home” for Jews of all ages, and we offer opportunities that enrich, enlighten, engage them as active and informed members of the larger Jewish community. We are committed to Klal Yisrael, reaching out to all Jews, embracing diversity and supporting each other. We stand with Israel – our historic homeland, our spiritual resource for Torah learning, and our liturgical focus – the center of the ingathering of Jews, physically and spiritually. BZBI welcomes all Jews to become members – regardless of their family composition, sexual orientation, or gender identity – as full participants in all religious practices and in the entire community life of the congregation. Likewise, we welcome and encourage non-Jewish partners to join our community and engage in their family’s Jewish life, both at BZBI and at home.

300 South 18th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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