Bible Raps Summit

Today’s post is from Matt Bar, founder and executive director of Bible Raps.
Bible Raps is super excited to be celebrating a great year with all of YOU at Tribe Commons on December 18th for our Summit. Designed to make Judaism more appealing and accessible through original Torah raps as well as the creation of participant-generated rap songs and music videos, Bible Raps aims to educate and inspire Jewish children, teens, and young adults to see Judaism as a living and breathing experience, fostering a generation that self identifies with Jewish wisdom and heritage. We’ve worked in Philadelphia for over 6 years and are proud that we’ve performed at and with so many of the synagogues and institutions that make up this great city.

This summit is a chance for us to show our appreciation and give you a taste of what we do – finding ways to transmit text through hip hop. And, bonus! We will also have a spot for you rockers out there! We’ve brought together a great panel of musicians, both local and nearby, who are psyched to create with you. Ephryme, coming fresh off his west coast tour. Shawn Hennessey, re-relasing his Christmas Single “Cancer Free Xmas.” Plus a yeshiva rock legend from the Diaspora Yeshiva Band, Avraham Rosenblum. And, of course, The Bible Rapper. After opening remarks by executive director and founder, Matt Bar, and a short panel presentation, we’ll have two recording studios going with drinks, food and friends as you choose to create your own rock or rap song based on a text lesson.

We wanted to find a way to share our methods with the broader Philadelphia community and give more people an opportunity to create their own raps or rock songs based on learning with us. At the summit, we can teach you how to rap, help you write you own songs and have a great time doing it all! We hope you’ll join us!