Mamaloshen in Dance

Asya Zlatina, a proud member of the Center City Jewish community, shares her thoughts on bringing Jewish music and themes to her performance at this year’s Fringe Festival.

Mamaloshen in dance??  That’s BARRY, Asya Zlatina’s choreographic debut as part of the Fringe Festival 2016. A tribute to Zlatina’s grandparents, BARRY comes from a need to share her family’s experiences. It is presented in reparatory with excerpts from two other local choreographers at the Levitt Auditorium at Gershman Hall, 401 South Broad St. Show date is September 11 @ 4pm, followed by a Q + A with the dancers and a kosher reception. Tickets are $15 and are available for purchase at the door, as well as online at

In my own words:
Being part of the Fringe is an honor for me. I’ve been developing as a dancer in this city as part of the Koresh Dance Company for the last eight years, but now I am evolving with my own voice. The opportunity of this city-wide and national Fringe allows me the creativity I seek to express topics near to my heart. Judaism is a big part of my life, and the show celebrates my roots. More than that, is it a celebration of life, highlighting hope and pain in one. Gone but not forgotten, the voice of the past is illuminated through dance to the music of the famous Yiddish Swing duo, the Barry Sisters. Childhood memories, romantic moments, sorrows and the ways of the shtetl come to life onstage.

And specifically premiering my work in Philadelphia is very special to me, given the rich history for the Jewish people here and my own personal connection. I moved here for my first professional dance job after graduation, I love this city and its people, and always cherish its arts scene. Now I can add to this arts scene – I hope to bring joy and nostalgia to others who may remember their own families and mothers singing classics like Tum Balalaika, Bublichki, Papirosen and more!