Interview with Neal Strauss, Center City Kehillah Steering Committee Member

I had the opportunity to speak with Neal Strauss recently about living in Moishe House, his favorite spot in Center City, and what the CCK means to him

Rebecca: Neal, tell us a little bit about yourself

Neal: I’m a freelance social media strategist whose been living in the Moishe House for two and a half years and on the continual hunt for the greatest bagel.

Rebecca: I love a good bagel too!

What drew you to Moishe House?

Neal: After living in Philly for three years post Drexel, I was still struggling to find my community. I loved Philly but if I wanted this to be my home, I needed to see if I could find the right Jewish community for me. I’d attended events with Moishe House and loved the vibes of their Shabbat Dinners. When a spot opened up, I jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Moishe House. 

Rebecca: Tell us about an upcoming Moishe House event you’re excited about.

Neal: Our SOUPerbowl! A bowl of soup always makes a cold Saturday night better. So we’re making a full meal (approximately four different soups) to decide which is the best. 

Rebecca: Neal, you are part of the CCK leadership. Tell us what the Center City Kehillah means to you.

Neal: The CCK is more than a place to meet once a month- it’s an opportunity to learn from others in Philadelphia. To leverage our collective strength to build stronger relationships and grow. 

Rebecca: I love that. Our collective strength is what the Kehillah is all about.

What is a not-to-be missed spot in Center City?

Neal: Addison Street between 19th and 17th Streets (at night). A beautiful spot for a nighttime stroll.