New Jewish Learning Calendar!

Click here for the calendar now!

Center City Jewish life is diverse and thriving. It’s exciting, it’s something to be proud of, and, since you found your way to this post, I hope you agree! The Center City Kehillah builds relationships between individuals and institutions, supports and promotes our organizations and their events, brings the community together on a large scale for Chanukah and Shavuot, and helps new members of the Center City Jewish community acclimate and find the organizations and events that meet their needs.

But in and around all of that, the 30 organizations of the Center City Kehillah are filling a crucial daily, weekly, and monthly need for our Jewish community — Jewish learning. The variety of Jewish educational opportunities taking place across Philadelphia is staggering. The classes and lectures are more than anyone could keep track of, and the vast array of schedules can be hard to navigate. And so, in the spirit of community togetherness that defines the work of the Center City Kehillah, I’m excited to share with you our new learning calendar!

You can view the calendar here by day, week, or month. New entries will be added throughout the spring as our organizations add to their own schedules. While the calendar is primarily focused on ongoing Jewish learning opportunities, there are some one-time learning programs posted as well. We’re trying something new with this format, and we’re open to your thoughts and suggestions of how to make this calendar work best for you. If you’re not sure if a class is the right fit, we’re also happy to connect you with the teacher or with other participants to learn more. Please browse the classes, try something new, and let us know what you think.¬†Looking forward to more learning and more opportunities to share and to come together!