South Philadelphia Shtiebel

Imagine this: A storefront on East Passyunk Avenue, a dynamic and busy corridor full of restaurants, boutiques, and shops. One of the storefronts is the South Philadelphia Shtiebel, and with its large and inviting windows, passersby often knock to say hello, to ask about Jewish life, to make connections, to learn together or come to a service. The Shtiebel–a place for gathering, a synagogue, and so much more– only in its first few months, is already full of regular learning, kids playing, spirited prayer, and all kinds of conversation and community building.  

Jewish people of all backgrounds in South Philadelphia are looking for a home where they can enjoy Shabbat and holiday meals together, engage in uplifting and empowered learning and prayer opportunities, and create spaces to collectively mark, celebrate, and observe life cycle events. The South Philadelphia Shtiebel hopes to be that home with the leadership of Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter, and we are excited to join the area’s other synagogues and institutions in creating new access points to Jewish life in Philadelphia.  

1733-35 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19148

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