Tribe 12

Tribe 12 believes there is a Jewish community for everybody–and we are here to help people in their 20s/30s in particular find that Jewish community that is right for YOU! We believe there is no right way to be Jewish—it is a personal path and each one is unique, so let us take you out to coffee, tea, ice-cream [your choice!] to get to know you.  From there, we will personally introduce you to the people, communities and organizations that make up the rich fabric of what Jewish community is–and can be–in the Philly area.

Tribe 12 itself builds community for 20s/30s through:

  • Social events with a Jewish heart and Philly vibe
  • Personalized matchmaking
  • An entrepreneurial Fellowship and venture accelerator
  • LGBTQIA+ community
  • Performing arts groups–acapella, improv and a theatre troupe
  • Giving circles for collective philanthropy
  • “Shtetl Skills” workshops to gain practical skills to live more sustainably in the city
…and more communities are always forming…we just need you to tell us what is next!

1900 Market St., Fl 8
Philadelphia, PA 19103


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