Shavuot Source Sheets

Source sheets are available to download and study on your own or with chavruta before or during Shavuot. Recordings and source sheets from our pre-Shavuot classes will be available following the classes. Visit our schedule page to see all the offerings.

Source sheets and videos from classes

Tuesday classes

Video: Warrior Scholar (Abrielle Sarah Fuerst, Wandering Fighter, LLC)

Source sheet: Pluralism in the Text (Rabbi Daniel Levitt)
Video: Pluralism in the Text

Video: Models of Chevruta: Is There a “Right” Way to Learn Torah? (Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter)

Jews in Sports Powerpoint and articles  (Matt Whitehorn)
Video: Jews in Sports

Source sheet: How do we Count? (Christine Cook Schwartz)
Video: How do we Count?

Wednesday classes

Source sheet: Preparing Your Ethical Will (Karen Zeitz)
Video: Preparing Your Ethical Will

Source sheet: The Blossoming of Esther (Rabbi Gila Ruskin)
Video: The Blossoming of Esther

Source sheet: Greatness in Humility (Sunnie Epstein)
Video: Greatness in Humility

Source sheet: Torah and Triage (Rabbi Mira Wasserman)
Video: Torah and Triage

Source sheet: Jewish Communities around the globe during Pandemic (Will Recant, JDC)
Video: Jewish Communities around the globe during Pandemic

Thursday classes

Source sheet: Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife (Sue Zeelander)
Video: Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

Erev Shavuot Community Gathering
Video part 1
Video part 2

Friday classes

Source sheet: That’s so meta (Beverly Socher-Lerner and Aliza Egeth)
Video: That’s so meta

Source sheet: Kabbalistic self-care
Video: Kabbalistic self-care

Source sheet: The Hebrew Goddess
Video: The Hebrew Goddess

Additional Source sheets and videos

Resources from Svara

Sefirat HaOmer: Making Every Day Count (Sunnie Epstein)

Images of Revelation (Rabbi Mónica Gomery)

Video: A Taste of Mussar (Heidi George)

Source sheet: A Taste of Mussar (Heidi George)

Study Guides on 7 Jewish values of relevance to this time of coronavirus (RRC)

Video: The Oldest Hatred (Jeremy Bannett, ADL)