The Sound of Home: A Concert and Conversation with Ami Yares

Ami Yares, singer/songwriter and Executive Director of BuildaBridge International, shares his American, Hebrew, and Arabic-infused music to showcase the power of the arts to foster healing and hope. Free and open to the public. Bagel brunch will be served. Presented by Temple University’s Feinstein Center for American Jewish History, and Congregation Shivtei Yeshuron Ezras Israel: … Read more

Jews and Sufis: Shared Musical Traditions

Jews and Sufis: Shared Musical Traditions Performance and Discussion From at least the sixteenth century up to the present, Hebrew devotional poetry (piyyutim) set to Ottoman/Turkish makam music for use in the synagogue has shown the close relationship Jews established with members of Muslim mystical brotherhoods in Ottoman regions. This program presents selections from these shared musical repertoires. … Read more