Truths and Traditions: Weekly Adult Education at Folkshul


Truths and Traditions: 
A humanistic exploration of the Jewish story, from biblical times to our day
A weekly interactive adult learning community at Folkshul for 5777 (2016-2017)

Sundays, from 10-11:30am, Folkshul is offering a weekly adult education exploration of humanism in the Jewish story. If you are interested in the class—some sessions or all!—come try it out any time. We meet at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy (500 West Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118) This class and many other events and activities are run by the Folkshul Adult Community. Join us!

The first class is September 25th but the second is then on October 9th, due to Rosh Hashannah. For more information, please contact Michael Kolodner, Folkshul Adult Community Coordinator.

A Brief Overview

–  We will trace a path through literature and history, exploring humanistic themes, beginning with the most ancient Hebrew stories, following in the footsteps of many thinkers and writers who have provided the milestones for our journey. While others have provided many milestones, this will be our journey, and embarking upon it may be something of a milestone in itself.

– The participation of each individual who takes part in the community will be important, as this is not merely intended to be a lecture series. There will be time for discussion in pairs and in groups, large and small. The larger goal of this project is to create a community of learners. Toward that end, the learning experience should be an opportunity to cultivate relationships among ourselves, as well as to the ideas we encounter.

– There will also be opportunities all along the way to suggest topics, to take part in the planning and/or to volunteer to co-facilitate sessions. The initial parameters will be set in advance, but the framework is entirely likely to evolve over time, and how we fill the open space within the framework will determine the character of the learning community.

 About the Instructor: Josh Yarden, PhD

Josh’s connections to the Jewish community and to secular humanistic Judaism go way back. He was once a student at the Suburban Jewish School, which was later merged into Folkshul. Josh has lead sessions at recent conferences of the Congress of Secular Jewish Organizations. He lived in Israel for 18 years, as a kibbutznik and an educator in the largest humanistic Jewish education system ever created.

Josh holds a master’s degree from the University of Haifa in Judaic Studies and a Ph.D. from the Penn in Education, Culture & Society and has taught in the Jewish community at various national and local institutions, including Brandeis University’s Genesis Program, Gratz College’s EdD program and the NEXT program for professional development, and the Auerbach Central Agency for Jewish Education.