Welcome to Center City Kehillah

-Post by Miriam Steinberg-Egeth, Director of the Center City Kehillah

A few days into my second year with the Center City Kehillah, a community member approached me and said, “I can’t believe how well all of these synagogues are working together.” I nodded and smiled and said thank you, but the truth is, I CAN believe it. While inter-organizational and inter-denominational programming may not be the norm in every Jewish community, it’s becoming the norm in Center City, and we’re all better off for it.

During our Jewish Night of Learning for Shavuot, when close to 300 people came together to stay up late into the night (over 100 people stayed up all night!), more than one person said to me, “This is what it was like at Mt. Sinai – all the Jews together.” While on Shavuot we commemorated that particular moment in Jewish history (or Jewish folklore, depending on where you’re coming from), the rest of the year can be like that, too: We can all come together.

Center City is a special place, and the Jewish community in Center City is unique and wonderful, multi-faceted and diverse, welcoming and kind. The Center City Kehillah isn’t responsible for making it that way, but it’s my hope, and the hope of our steering team and numerous volunteers, that we can be responsible for making it that much more obvious to all of our communities, and to the people who haven’t yet found their community, that this is the way we want it to be.